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Common Transit Convention Traders API roadmap

We are creating the Common Transit Convention (CTC) Traders API to allow traders to send and receive Arrival and Departure Notifications to customs and border offices in the UK and the EU.

The roadmap shows you our development plans as well as endpoints and projects we have finished. We are an Agile team and we will be updating this roadmap as we complete items and start working on new ones.

We are now in Beta. Some endpoints are ready for you to test in HMRC’s sandbox environment. More will follow.

Key dates

Delivery Description Date
Release to the live environment The API can be used in the live environment to carry out movements March 2021

What we have released

See what we have released and what you can access now.

What we’re developing now

Have a look at present tasks so have an idea about what we will release next.

Who we are

We are the Common Transit Convention API developer team. We are creating our APIs through the Agile process, as you can see when you look through the links above.

If you have any questions, or you wish to get in touch, please talk to your usual Software Development Support Team contact, or email


Version 1.1

15 September 2020

What’s changed:

  • Updates to our roadmap showing completed tasks.

Version 1.0

24 August 2020

What changed:

  • First release.