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Customer support model

We are developing a customer support model which will help guide businesses and agents to the most appropriate support. This may be provided by us at HMRC or you as a software vendor depending on the issue. Our HMRC support will be provided through a variety of channels and options for seeking advice and support.

We wish to work with you as software vendors to provide a comprehensive support package that covers software usage, online access and technical issues, as well as straightforward tax queries.

Businesses and agents will be signposted to self-help through a suite of guidance products such as videos, webinars and e-learning, which are aimed at specific stages of the MTD journey. We will develop the content as we add new functionality.

We have created a new dedicated team of advisers to offer telephone and webchat support for MTD. The team can currently be contacted via the Get help using VAT online services page. We will be developing new signposting on GOV.UK which will focus on digital and webchat support channels. This guidance will be updated as the model develops.