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Import Control System 2 presentation of goods service guide

Version 1.0 issued July 2021

Import Control System 2 (ICS2) is the proposed EU replacement for the current Import Control System for Northern Ireland (ICS NI). ICS manages the Safety & Security (S&S) of goods arriving in the EU from outside of the Customs Union.

With ICS2, all Safety & Security Summary Declarations (ENS) submissions are sent to the EU Common Repository (CR) from where they are forwarded to Member States (MS) for risk analysis. The CR acts as a hub, and the MS as spokes. At a high level, the ask for ICS2 is:

  1. MS ICS2 components carries out pre-load and re-arrival risk assessment and returns results to CR.
  2. MS ICS2 components provide Notification to the CR when the good/items declared are presented at the border, and
  3. ICS2 also provides Business Intelligence (BI) as to what activities can possess a threat from analysing past import activity transactions.

This guide explains how you can integrate your software with the ICS2 Presentation of Goods (PoG) API.

Most interactions with ICS2 will take place via the EU STI, however for notification of presentation of goods you should submit your notification direct to the responsible member state.


This API allows developers to submit a PoG to HMRC before importing items into Northern Ireland.

End-to-end user journeys

These journeys show examples of use. Journeys for businesses and agents are broken down into:

  • submit pre-load to EU
  • submit pre-arrival notification to EU
  • submit ENS to EU
  • submit presentation of goods to HMRC

Terms of use

Your application must comply with our terms of use. You must accept the terms of use before we issue your application’s production credentials.


Version 1.0

First draft