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Retrieve GMRs

Your software can use the GET endpoints to get details of the user’s GMRs.

Use the List Goods Movement Records endpoint to get a list of all the GMRs that have been created by the user, except those that have expired.

The List endpoint provides summary information about each GMR. This includes:

  • the GMR state
  • timestamps for creation and last update
  • whether the vehicle needs to report for inspection
  • summary information from the GMR such as the direction, vehicle and crossing information.

Use the Get Goods Movement Record endpoint to get full details for a single GMR. This includes all the details provided in the latest notification and a copy of the latest full GMR sent using the Create or Update endpoints.

GMR expiry

GMRs expire 28 days after the most recent update.

An expired GMR will not be returned by the List or Get endpoints and requests to Update will not be accepted.

An expired GMR will not be accepted at a crossing check-in.