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When creating or updating a GMR you will not receive the ID or new status immediately because the process is asynchronous. Instead your software will receive a Push Notification, or will poll for a Pull Notification, using the Notifications API.

Notifications are JSON objects containing:

  • the Goods Movement Reference (gmrId)

  • the GMR state

  • any reasons why it is incomplete/invalid

  • whether the vehicle is required to report for inspection by a customs official.

When notifications are sent

Your software will receive notifications after creating or updating a GMR, and also when an event happens that impacts the status of a GMR. Examples of these events are:

  • A customs declaration within the GMR has become invalid or been cancelled

  • The GMR has been flagged for inspection by a customs official - meaning the vehicle driver must report to an inspection centre

  • A vehicle has presented the GMR at check-in for a crossing so the GMR state has been changed to CHECKED_IN

  • The vehicle and/or its trailers have embarked on the crossing so the GMR state has been changed to EMBARKED