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Testing process

You must test the compatibility of your software with CTC Traders API v2.0 and, depending on your requirements, you should also test for push-pull notifications.

Testing your software

To guide and support your testing, download the NCTS5 Trader Test pack from GitHub.

Testing for push-pull notifications

When testing your software, you can use our Push Pull Notifications API to ensure that notifications relating to the CTC Traders API are sent to you automatically. This means that notifications from the NCTS are sent to your software in near real time.

To get these automatic messages, you must:

  • subscribe to the Push Pull Notifications service
  • subscribe to the CTC Traders API in the sandbox environment
  • configure the notification URL in the subscription configuration section of our Developer Hub

Notificiation URL subscription

To subscribe to the Push Pull Notifications service, go to our Developer Hub.

Activation of pull notifications

Note: If your endpoint is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS), you must use either edge-optimised custom domain names or regional custom domain names.