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Submit a guarantee balance request

Use the POST endpoint Get a balance of CTC Guarantee Balance API v2.0 to get the balance associated with a guarantee reference number (GRN).

To execute a balance query, you must provide:

  • the GRN of the trader’s guarantee
  • an access code for the guarantee, which is a 4-digit alphanumeric PIN that is not case sensitive

Note: If you want to test the endpoint, a valid GRN starts with any number between 2 and 9 and the third and fourth characters are GB or XI, and the access code must be AB12.

Guarantee balance information is available only for:

  • type 0: guarantee waiver
  • type 1: comprehensive guarantee
  • type 9: individual guarantee with multiple usage

Guarantee balance information is not supported for:

  • type 2: individual guarantee (by guarantor)
  • type 4: individual guarantee in the form of vouchers

See the GOV.UK guidance for more detailed information about NCTS guarantees.