Create a test user

Create a test user account for testing in the sandbox with user-restricted endpoints.

What is a test user?

A test user is a dummy Government Gateway account that you can use for testing in our sandbox.

To access user-restricted endpoints, your application’s users must complete the OAuth journey, which includes signing into their Government Gateway account.

Each test user has a:

  • type of Government Gateway account - individual, organisation or agent
  • Government Gateway user ID and password - for sign in during the OAuth journey
  • default set of service enrolments and related tax identifiers - as different APIs require different enrolments
What types of test user can I create?

You can create individuals or organisations with a default set of service enrolments and tax identifiers.

To create a wider range of test users, including agents, or if you are using automated testing, use the Create Test User API.

How long does a test user last?

Test users and other test data are cleared down every two weeks.

Choose a type

Choose a type
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