Using the Developer Hub

1. Before you start

Find out which APIs are available on the Developer Hub.

Check our terms of use.

Read up on authorisation, especially the OAuth 2.0 specification (opens in a new tab).

2. Register for a developer account

Register for an account, activate it by email and sign in.

3. Start using our APIs

To use our APIs you need to:

  • create an application in our test environment called the sandbox
  • choose which APIs you want to use
  • get credentials to use our APIs
  • test your software integrates with our APIs

4. Apply to go live on the Developer Hub

Use the Developer Hub to:

  • add your production application
  • subscribe it to the APIs you want to integrate with
  • apply for production credentials and agree to our terms of use

We'll check your application, which takes up to 10 working days.

5. Start using secure data

If your request for production access is successful, you can generate credentials and start using APIs with secure data.