This version is in beta - expect some breaking changes.

Safety and Security Import Notifications API

Available in Sandbox Yes
Sandbox base URL
Available in Production Yes
Production base URL


The Safety and Security system handles digital communications between:

  • customs administrators
  • carriers or their appointed representatives

You must provide the UK customs authorities with advance information by submitting an ENS before you bring goods into the UK. The Safety and Security system is designed to incorporate the:

  • lodging, handling and processing of the ENS in advance of the arrival of goods
  • issuing of a Movement Reference Number (MRN)

The MRN is a Customs computer system-generated number that is automatically allocated after successful validation. The MRN must be issued to the carrier and, where different, the declarant.

The APIs will receive new ENS submissions or amendments and will return a response for the end-user. The response will include a movement reference number or an error message.

This API will allow you to:

  • get a list of notifications
  • retrieve a notification
  • acknowledge a notification


All service changes can be found within our Wiki page located here.





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