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Check a UK EORI Number API

Dates and amounts
Date Amount
Version and status
Available in Sandbox Yes
Sandbox base URL
Available in Production Yes
Production base URL


This API enables your application to:

  • check if an EORI number beginning with GB (issued by the UK) is valid.
  • view the name and address of the business that the EORI number is registered to (if the business agreed to share this information).


When an API changes in a way that is backwards-incompatible, we increase the version number of the API. See our reference guide for more on versioning.


We use standard HTTP status codes to show whether an API request succeeded or not. They are usually in the range:

  • 200 to 299 if it succeeded, including code 202 if it was accepted by an API that needs to wait for further action
  • 400 to 499 if it failed because of a client error by your application
  • 500 to 599 if it failed because of an error on our server

Errors specific to each API are shown in the Endpoints section, under Response. See our reference guide for more on errors.


You can use the sandbox environment to test this API.

In the sandbox environment the last digit of each EORI Number will return each type of CheckResponse:

  • 0 or 1 Vaild with no TraderName or Address
  • 2 to 5 Vaild with TraderName and Address
  • 6 or 7 Vaild with no TraderName or Address
  • 8 or 9 Invalid

Access a set of mock EORI numbers to use when testing in the sandbox environment.

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Check multiple eori numbers

This endpoint is used to retrieve a list of validated EORI numbers.

The endpoint will also retireve the business' company name and address if the business has allowed it.


This endpoint is open access and requires no Authorization header.

Request headers

Request headers Table
Name Description

Specifies the response format and the version of the API to be used.

For example: application/vnd.hmrc.1.0+json

Specifies the format of the request body, which must be JSON.

For example: application/json

See also fraud prevention.


Scenario: Check multiple EORI Numbers example

 "eoris": [

Request table
Name Description

The unique identifier, also known as the eori number


HTTP status: 200 (OK)

Check multiple EORI Numbers example

    "eori": "GB123456789133",
    "valid": true,
    "companyDetails": {
      "traderName": "Aviationstr",
      "address": {
        "streetAndNumber": "141B Halsey Place",
        "cityName": "Huddersfield",
        "postcode": "HD98 2LI"
    "processingDate": "2021-01-05T09:54:08+00:00"
  }, {
    "eori": "GB123456729136",
    "valid": true,
    "processingDate": "2021-01-05T09:54:08+00:00"
  }, {
    "eori": "GB8392848394939",
    "valid": false,
    "processingDate": "2021-01-05T09:54:08+00:00"

Error scenarios

Error scenarios table
Scenario HTTP status Code

Invalid request

400 (Bad Request)


Internal server error

500 (Internal Server Error)


For error scenarios that are common across all APIs, and for error formats, see our reference guide.

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